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Dale and Janice Wentworth


31 Warren Street, North Brookfield, MA  01535

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The Warren Farm:  Let us introduce ourselves

Nearly 15 years ago, the Wentworth Family acquired a farm that had originally been given as a form of payment to a returning Civil War soldier.    Eleven families had worked the farm; some raising cattle, some raising crops, others planting berries and orchard fruits.  And one even planted twelve maple trees along the side of the orchard, single file and uniformly spaced apart.  That farmer knew he would never live to see them mature enough to be tapped, but he had a dream that some day, someone would.  Generations passed, the fields grew over, the orchard was overcome with thorn bushes and wood roses, and the land and outbuildings were abandoned.

When Dale & Janice Wentworth first walked the land, they saw everything it ever was and began to dream of what it could be.  They immediately named the farm in honor of all the families that ever lived and worked there – The Warren Farm – named for that area of the town.  They cleared the land, opened up the orchard, plowed the fields, and carved out a pasture.  And then they saw the maples, 21 to 23 feet apart in a straight, downhill line, and tapped them.  At once they felt a connection to the past – to the efforts of all those generations and to the great tradition of maple production.  This is how their own dream took shape, with this realization that the past was always connected to the present, and they wanted to share this dream with others.

Today The Warren Farm produces not only pure maple syrup and maple confections; it also has a line of over 70 specialty food products.  Many of these products use maple syrup as a gourmet ingredient, or contain fruits, berries, herbs, and vegetables started in their greenhouses and grown on the farm. This theme is evident throughout the Wentworths’ gourmet specialty foods line, as it represents the best of New England’s flavors.  Their products have also become the basis for one of the most unique catering services in the region – catered maple dinners – where every item on the menu contains maple syrup as a gourmet ingredient.

The Wentworth’s work has been recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources in several ways.  They won the award for “Outstanding Product Line” at the Massachusetts Marketplace trade show, received a state grant to construct a commercial production center at the farm for their unique work with maple, and were named as one of the Mass. D.A.R.’s “150 Faces of Agriculture”.  For over 8 years, their product line has been showcased at all the rest areas along the Massachusetts Turnpike for visitors to take back home.  Their products can be found at the Johnny Appleseed Visitor Center along Rt. 2, and at several farms and gift shops around New England.  They have also co-packed for specialty food producers in Vermont and Massachusetts, and have exported some of their products..  The Wentworth’s story was featured in both Worcester Living and Edible Boston magazines, and on WCLV television.

Working with The Warren Farm supports “locally grown and locally produced” foods, while offering the finest and most unique products of New England.

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