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Heirloom Tomato & Hot Pepper Crop

Sale of Plants begins May 6th,

and ends May 23rd

“♪ The times, they are a-changing! ♪” and I’m getting older! This year we have a great selection of heirloom tomatoes - 17 full sized and 14 cherry, with some I’ve never grown before.  But, I’m trying to slow down and enjoy my senior years more, so there will be fewer varieties of vegetables and herbs that are not tomatoes.  Adding to this is the fact that companies want to charge me for using their images on this page.  Although one company offered to take some maple syrup instead of money!  Point is, I’ve made some changes this year:  the tomato list will not have pictures.  Instead, I’ll describe the tomatoes and include a direct link so you can look them up on their web sites.  As always, these seeds are raised organically here on this farm and are non-gmo.

Full Sized Tomatoes      

4th of July

Burpee link

Must have each year! Salad sized red, very sweet and first to ripen each year. Goes all season long, very prolific.

Aunt Ruby's German Green

Sead Savers Exchange link

One of the best ever! Late season beefsteak, excellent flavor (not citrucy like other green tomatoes) and very meaty. Lime green interior has pink infusion at blossom end. Flesh gives when ripe.

Big Rainbow

Burpee link

Late season beefsteak from the 1800's. Low acid flavor and meaty. Yellow tomato with red marbling, pretty evenly throughout.

Black from Tula

Seed Savers Exchange link

Black, slightly flattened, salad size Russian heirloom. Rich flavor, juicy, sweet. Depth of color depends on sunlight.

Black Sea Man

Seed Savers Exchange link

This is an early black tomato, small determinate plant with potato leaves.  Slicing sized fruits have a rich, complex, unusual, almost creamy flavor.


Seed Savers Exchange link


I almost hate to grow these only because they are the best known heirloom and so many people insist on buying them at the dismissal of 1000’s other heirlooms.  But it is a great variety – late beefsteak, red, large, meaty, great flavor, perfect in so many ways.

Charokee Purple

Seed Savers Exchange link

I really like the history on this one.  Cultivated by the Cherokee Tribe in Tennessee, it’s kind of a brownish rose purple color, with distinct green shoulders.  The flesh is a deep red, with a rich, sweet flavor.

Chocolate Stripes

Tomato Fest link

This is a glorious tomato!  Dark reddish brown with dark green striping.  Flesh is deep red, sweet, complex, and just plain delicious.  Another potato leaf variety yields an abundant drop of fairly large (but not beefsteak size) fruits.  Lots of sun brings out darkest coloring.

Crnkovic Yugoslavian

Seed Savers Exchange link

Never grown this one before, but I can’t wait!  Big beefsteak, pink, good balance of acid to sweet, and supposedly resists shoulder cracking. 


Seed Savers Exchange link

New to me this year, too.  Also a pink beefsteak.  Seeds came from Germany to Missouri.  Am excited about comparing to Crnkovic.


Seed Savers Exchange link

I’ve grown this one many times, and you gotta love it.  Bi-color beefsteak is the reverse of Big Rainbow, in that it is red with yellow marbling.  Great flavor because it’s not mostly yellow, but on the outside, man, it’s as ugly as they come.  Potato leaf with 1 lb. fruits

Jaune Flamme

Seed Savers Exchange link

I love this one!!!!  Grow it every year cause it’s early and produces all season.  Not only that, it’s BEAUTIFUL!  Apricot orange on the outside, magenta on the inside, salad size, and VERY heavy producer.  Flavor is quite sweet.  Good things come in small packages.

Lucida Gem

Baker Creek link

OK, so sometimes I walk on the wild side to try new stuff, and this one is crazy!  Gotta see the picture.  There’s this whole category of “designer” tomatoes, and most of the involve high levels of anthocyanin, which also gives the fruits some amazing dark purple/black coloring on shoulders or sides.  Supposed to be very, very, sweet.  We’ll see.

  Italian Heirloom

Seed Savers Exchange link

These are just perfectly bright red, round, and kinda small beefsteak size.  Great Italian tomato flavor and prolific producer.  Italians do such a great job with tomatoes!


Johnny's Seeds link

Grown this out a few times as well and really like it.  Sometimes you just gotta have some sunshine among your plants.  Valencia is ridiculously perfect – beautiful orange color, perfectly round with no cracking, meaty inside (small seed cavities), and wonderful flavor.  Great slicing size.

White Tomesol

Seed Savers Exchange link

I always have a white tomato in my collection.  Sadly, few people are willing to try them.  They usually have an amazing flavor (very low in acid) and an almost creamy texture.  Fruits are slicing size.  I haven’t grown this one before, but I’m excited by the blossom end pink infusion up into the flesh.  Who wouldn’t be?

Zebra Rita

Tomato Fest link


Still question labeling Green Zebra or Red Zebra or Zebra Rita as heirlooms, as they were “developed” in recent history.  However, Green Zebra is widely known by the public at large, yet I am not crazy about its flavor.  Zebra Rita is bigger and sweeter than GN Z.  More like a beefsteak than a salad size.  I’m going to give it another try this year.



Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry

Tomato Fest link

Can’t live without!  Dark, round, sweet, prolific.  Drop the mic.


A Grappoli D'Iverno

Baker Creek link

New to me this year.  Seems to be prolific, according to comments.  Red, grape tomato of Italian heritage.  They never go wrong with their tomatoes. 

Chadwick Cherry

Baker Creek link

I’ve grown this one out a number of times and really, really, like it.  Big cherries!  Red and round!  Sweet and tomatoey!  Interesting back story about Alan Chadwick.

Fruit Punch

Tomato Fest link

As I recall, these turned out to be pretty large for a cherry, but a beautiful, round, pink fruit.  Color deepened as it ripened on the vine.  Very nice flavor as well.  Prolific.

Green Doctors

Baker Creek link

Here’s another one I grow every year.  I’ve tried a few varieties of green cherries, but stopped when I found this one.  Delicious!!!  Unexpected sweetness for a green one and a little on the large side.  Prolific throughout the season.

Igleheart Yellow Cherry

Seed Savers Exchange link

New to me this year, so I don’t know what to tell you.  Looks like a smaller cherry, and that size often packs a punch for flavor and sweetness.  I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised.

Indigo Cherry Drops

Johnny's Seeds link

Another weird one, not an heirloom.  I grew out one of the 1st “high anthocyanin” cherries some years back.  Waited forever for it to ripen.  Blue/black on one side, green on the other, hard as a rock.  One day the green side was deep burgundy, the fruit was soft and ready to pick.  Most amazing flavor I ever tasted!   This variety is an improved strain over the early one and I can’t wait to see what comes up.

  Isis Candy

Seed Savers Exchange link

Have grown this off and on over many years.  Beautiful bi-color of orange and red with a golden tiger-eye on the blossom end.  Very sweet with great tomato flavor.  Heavy producer.

Prince Borghese

Tomato Fest link

This is like a little mini plum tomato.  Meaty, with true tomato balance of acid and sweet.  Because it’s meaty, it lends itself perfectly for dehydrating for dried tomatoes.  Rehydrate in water, blot dry, and store in olive oil.  High yields.


Red Pear

Baker Creek link

Also known as red fig because it ripens the same time as figs, and together, they were used to make a savory jam.  Try roasting them, sprinkled with a little sea salt.



Tomato Fest link

I love this little guy!!!  Beautiful deep pink, oval shaped fruit in large clusters.  Tomato is finished with little silver freckles.  Very sweet, like garden candy.  Just gives and gives.

Snow White

Tomato Fest link

I don’t know why people shy away from white tomatoes.  They are so special!  I grow this one almost every year and it never disappoints.  Creamy white, round, medium sized cherry, the flesh is creamy and extra sweet.  You’ll get tons of fruits.


Sunrise Bumble Bee

Baker Creek link

Another “designer” tomato that I selected to give my bags of cherry tomatoes at the markets some stunning color.  I’ve grown many of these and loved every one.  This one has a slightly sweet and fruity flavor.



Paste Tomatoes
Black Icicle San Marzano  


Hot Peppers




Big, beautiful, mild heat, made lots of chile rellenos this winter just by freezing them whole.  Awesome!




The standard for roasting to make sauces, like mole.  Little more heat than anaheims.



Red cherry bombs, good heat, great pickled!



Best dried and ground our strung as ristras for use later.


Chocolate Habanero


Lots of sweet heat here.  Really does look like milk chocolate. 



Good amount of heat.  Blunt ends, peppers are cream colored to red when ripe.



The Mexican standard, needs no explanation.




Beautiful, 2” long, thin, hot pepper.  Bright yellow with a fruity flavor when roasted.


Orange Habanero

Lots of heat here!  Brilliant color, sweet flavor when added to foods.
Pasilla Bajia   My favorite!  Very mild heat.  I throw then into a baggie to freeze and add them to scrambled eggs and other stuff!   Scotch Bonnet   Extreme heat! Bright orange, hat shaped pepper.    Tabasco Ripens to bright orange-red.  Famous for making the standard hot sauce!
Last update: April 20, 2016