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Maple Sugaring Tours
Open weekends in March for sugaring tours!

The whole family will enjoy this fascinating visit to a New England sugaring operation. 

We'll share stories about the Native Americans' role in the early history of sugaring, then continue by demonstrating colonial methods and tools for collecting and boiling.  During a quick trip to our woods you'll explore two different systems used today, and will have an opportunity to see new technology.  Aspects of nature, science, meteorology, and math will be woven into the presentation. The tour heads to the sugarhouse, where a large evaporator stands ready to receive sap from collection tanks outside.  Here, everyone will learn how sap is boiled into syrup, and see the equipment and gauges needed for this process.  We'll end back at the picnic table area for more stories and sampling.  Boiling is weather dependent, so the tours are not based on our ability to boil.   This is certainly a tradition that has something of interest for all ages!

You may also choose to just come and walk around the farm on your own at no charge and without reservations.  The Sweet Traditions movie will be playing throughout the day in the greenhouse, and you can poke around the tour areas when groups are not using them. 

FREE sap and syrup tasting
FREE hot drinks
FREE maple recipe booklet

Admission $5.00 per person
Children 3 years old and under are free (though tour is not geared for this age group)
  As a courtesy to others, please leave your pets at home!
The Warren Farm
31 Warren Street, N. Brookfield, MA  01535    map
Reservations Required
for Tour
Open for guided sugaring tours
Sat. & Sun.

March 2nd to March 30th, 2013
2:00 pm

Schools are scheduled Mon-Thurs during school hours.
couts should schedule after school Mon.-Thurs or 9:30 Saturday mornings.
Groups can make special arrangements.

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Open all year   Thurs. - Sun. 10 - 4:00

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